Cases We Handle

We handle most criminal and juvenile cases in Athens-Clarke County and Oconee County. We do not represent anyone on civil matters, except in juvenile court deprivation cases. If you need representation on a civil case, please contact Georgia Legal Services Program.

Cases We Do Handle

Cases We Do Not Handle:

  • All criminal cases in Superior Court in Athens Clarke County or Oconee County
  • All criminal cases in State Court in Athens Clarke County
  • All Delinquency cases in Juvenile Court in Athens-Clarke and Oconee Counties
  • Deprivation cases in Oconee County in juvenile court in which DFCS is involved
  • All non-traffic misdemeanors and most serious traffic offenses in ACC Municipal Court and Oconee County Probate Court
  • Divorce and Child Support cases
  • Civil cases
  • Juvenile Court custody cases where DFCS is not involved
  • All Winterville or Watkinsville Municipal Court cases
  • Misdemeanor bad check cases


If our office has a conflict of interest, you may be represented by an attorney independent of our office. The Athens Regional Conflict Defender can be reached at 706-583-2625.