Cases We Handle

We handle most criminal and juvenile cases in Oconee County.  We do not represent anyone on civil matters, except in juvenile court deprivation cases.  If you need representation on a civil case, please contact the Georgia Legal Services Program.

Cases We Do Handle

  • All criminal cases in Superior Court in Athens Clarke County or Oconee County.
  • All criminal cases in State Court in Athens Clarke County
  • All Delinquency cases in Juvenile Court in Athens-Clarke and Oconee Counties.
  • Deprivation cases in Oconee County in juvenile court in which DFCS is involved.
  • All non-traffic misdemeanors and most serious traffic offenses in ACC Municipal Court and Oconee County Probate Court.

Cases We Do Not Handle:

  • Divorce and Child Support cases
  • Civil cases
  • Juvenile Court custody cases where DFCS is not involved.
  • All Winterville or Watkinsville Municipal Court Cases
  • Misdemeanor bad check cases