Our Attorneys

Below is a list of our staff attorneys along with their respective email addresses.  Please feel free to contact them via email or if you'd like to reach them via telephone, please dial our main number:  706-369-6440.
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NameTitleEmail AddressCourt Assignment
NameTitleEmail AddressCourt Assignment
Barnes, Latasha  Assistant Public Defender lbarnes@gapublicdefender.org Juvenile Court, Clarke & Oconee Counties 
Benjamin, Jessica  Chief Assistant Public Defender jbenjamin@gapublicdefender.org Magistrate Court, Clarke County; Probate Court, Oconee County 
Carter, Imani  Assistant Public Defender icarter@gapublicdefender.org Superior Court, Judge Lott 
Clark, Phil  Assistant Public Defender pclark@gapublicdefender.org Superior Court, Judge Haggard 
Donnelly, John  Circuit Public Defender jdonnelly@gapublicdefender.org  
Ignatius, Ryan Assistant Public Defender rignatius@gapublicdefender.org State Court, Judge Auslander 
Lavallee, Julie Assistant Public Defender jlavallee@gapublicdefender.org State Court, Judge Simpson 
McIntosh, Will  Assistant Public Defender wmcintosh@gapublicdefender.org Superior Court, Judge Stephens 
Messinger, Rebecca Assistant Public Defender rmessinger@gapublicdefender.org State Court, Judge Auslander 
Pearlman, Benjamin Senior Assistant Public Defender bpearlman@gapublicdefender.org Superior Court 
Roberts, Jeremiah  Assistant Public Defender jeremiah.roberts@gapublicdefender.org Superior Court, Judge Haggard 
Spivey, Paige  Assistant Public Defender pspivey@gapublicdefender.org Municipal Court 
Williams, David Assistant Public Defender dwilliams@gapublicdefender.org Superior Court, Judge Norris 
Williams, Rachel Assistant Public Defender rhensley-williams@gapublicdefender.org Superior Court, Judge Lott 
Wright, Anette Assistant Public Defender awright@gapublicdefender.org Municipal Court 
Yoon, Eunsun 'Joyce' Assistant Public Defender jyoon@gapublicdefender.org Superior Court, Judge Norris 
Showing 16 items